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We Are BLAQUE!: A Look Back

Something worth reading about!

This year, BLAQUE KC reached some incredible heights, thanks to the generosity of supporters like you! Your willingness to amplify our mission by engaging on socials, rallying behind our candidates, and seeking the knowledge to facilitate meaningful conversations have allowed BLAQUE to:

  • Endorse two community champions for KCPS school board, resulting in victories

  • Deploy high-quality programs like Candidate Classroom and Candidate and Campaigners Bootcamp

  • Create seasonal jobs for the community

  • Expand our team with a full-time employee

  • Develop the “Get-Schooled Podcast”

The best part is we are just getting started!

BKC has some AMAZING programs in the works for 2022, and we don’t want you to miss a thing! Here are a few ways YOU can stay connected and help amplify our mission:

Step 1

Follow us on ALL social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and our Podcast.

Step 2

Engage! We LOVE when you join the conversation. By commenting and interacting with us, you are adding your unique perspective and feedback which helps guide programming.

Step 3

Amplify! When you share our post, newsletter, and podcast you are helping us amplify and mobilize our mission by expanding our reach and introducing us to your network.

For more information about BLAQUE KC, visit You can also sign-up for our newsletter to stay up to date with upcoming events and more!

BLAQUE KC is a 501C4 organization committed to improving the outcomes for blaque youth. Founded in 2021, BLAQUE has developed programming to develop champions from the community for the community.

Be a featured guest! Have something to say? Contact us to be a featured guest on an upcoming podcast!


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