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Our Why

BLAQUE’s mission is firmly rooted in the enduring movement for racial justice and equity in Kansas City, a region with a long history of redlining and segregation that impacts our education system to this day. 

Education is the foundation on which all success is built. It is the great equalizer–but not for Black children. The necessary but flawed process of school integration in Kansas City was structured to accommodate a school system built around the needs of white families. Public schools were “integrated,” but within each public school, Black students continue to be marginalized. Learn more.


As a result, Black students are performing at a lower level on average than students of any other race. For example, only 15% of Black public school students are performing at or above grade level. But the problem cuts deeper. Read more.

… for Students

Student achievement doesn’t exist in a vacuum. When Black students succeed, it benefits the academic community.

… for Our Community

Our greatest asset is our people. When we neglect Black students, we neglect the future of our city.

… for the Economy

A broadly educated workforce makes our city a more desirable place to start or grow a business.

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