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Who We Are

The Mission

We are disrupting educational systems that disproportionately put black children at harm while creating culturally affirming environments that help them reach their full potential.

Our Values

Quality Schools Matter


A good school can change the trajectory of students’ lives, but too many Black, Brown, low-income, and immigrant families do not have access to high-performing schools.

Elevating Parent Voices

No one cares more about the success of Black students than their parents. BLAQUE is dedicated to elevating the voices of parents in every level of our education system.


Parents deserve clarity and accessible information regarding our school system, including an understanding of administrative goals and the quality of teaching.

Equity and Anti-racism

Our public school system was built around the needs of white students, BLAQUE is focused on undoing the systemic problems that harm Black children.

Good Governance

We believe in the power of our elected and appointed leaders to change the course of education for Black children across Kansas City, starting with the Board of Education.

Community First

Every dollar invested in or pulled from our schools is a dollar invested in or divested from our community. We deserve input when critical decisions are made that impact all of us.

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