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The Lines Have Been Drawn…. For the next 10 years!

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Redistricting is an event that takes place every ten years based on the data obtained by the Census data. KCEB has been designated by statute to serve as the redistricting commission for the Kansas City Public Schools. The Board of Commissioners, sitting as the redistricting commission, is responsible for redistricting the Kansas City Public School sub districts based on the results of the 2020 Census. On November 12th The Kansas City Election Board Commissioners voted unanimously to approve Community Map #2.

Several advocacy groups collaborated on ensuring equity for several marginalized groups.

The Urban Council, which comprises the Urban League of Greater Kansas City, Urban Summit Kansas City, SCLC-GKC, National Black United Front-KC, and NAACP-KC, submitted a communication endorsing Community Map 2. The Urban council stated that Community Map #2:

  • Maintained historic Black and Latino communities in majority-minority districts to ensure representation

  • Both maps adhere to the one person, one vote rule to ensure each sub-district is equal in population size.

  • Boundaries drawn are compact and contiguous, respecting precinct districts, neighborhoods, natural boundaries, and communities.

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