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BLAQUE EVENTS | Creating Culturally Affirming Environments Recap

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There is a real issue plaguing schools across the nation. Blatant acts of racism have been in the media more and more recently, and StoneHill Firm, Aspirational Insights, and BLAQUE KC have joined forces to do something about it by hosting a panel to discuss creating culturally affirming environments.

The event featured a panel of practitioners leading the charge on educating their communities and school leaders on the importance of this work. It included Dr. Ian Roberts, Dr. Teresa Lance, Dr. Dennis Carpenter, and Dr. Cokethea Hill to kick off the first event in a three-part series to get to the heart of what it takes to develop these affirming environments.

Today we are still fighting to introduce our students to the rich literature of our past, Dr. Lance explained during last week's panel.

“There is an educational debt from lack of quality resources and quality teachers. Our background, our culture needs to be held in high regard, our students don’t need to be resilient, they are resilient.”

The panel also highlighted policies that disproportionately affect black students, leaving some with class E felonies.

“There is an absolute necessity for us to pursue and create culturally affirming environments, environments that affirm all,” Dr. Roberts explained.

"We have a social contract and moral responsibility to take actions that move beyond webinars. We have to push to understand what it takes to create culturally affirming environments.”

Dr. Carpenter allowed more than 25 participants to join the conversation with the Thought Exchange tool. The tool allowed participants to submit questions and ideas anonymously and rank them to help guide future conversations.

The top-ranked submission posed a very foundational question, “How can we create culturally affirming spaces for students when we can't create culturally affirming spaces for the adults in the building?”

You can tune in to the Get-SchoolEd podcast on December 20, 2021, at noon, where we will be unpacking this response with local leaders. As always, we want to hear from you! Weigh in on the topic by visiting, scroll down to the contact us section and send us an email! You can also send us a DM or video on Instagram —maybe you will be featured on the podcast!

If you missed out on the part, we have you covered! You can watch the entire recording here, and please stay tuned because part two is going to be even more informative!

StoneHill, BLAQUE KC, and Aspirational Insights will take a closer look at the data obtained and continue the conversation centered around creating culturally affirming environments.

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