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Imagine a place where the joy of reading is not only taught but experienced, a place where kids burst through the doors with excitement because they know each page turned open up a world of endless possibilities. Welcome to BLAQUE’s Freedom School - an innovative summer program that's changing lives one child at a time. The need is urgent; with recent data showing only 2 out of 10 Black children in the State of Missouri are reading on grade level, the literacy crisis is real!! But here’s the good news - it's not insurmountable, and we all have a role to play in changing this narrative!

In Freedom School, every day is a celebration of learning, kicking off with Harambee, a session of songs, chants, and motivational readings designed to energize and unite the students. It’s an environment where children are immersed in a world where books are not just words on pages but gateways to discovery, aspiration, and empowerment.

So, how can you join this transformative journey? It starts with a belief - a conviction that every child, regardless of their background, is a reservoir of potential waiting to be unleashed. It’s fueled by action - volunteering, mentoring, and investing in the program. As we embark on this journey of growth we will need even more interns, readers and champions to support this work. It’s cemented by advocacy - being voices that echo the urgent call to elevate literacy in our city. Applications for students, site coordinators, and summer interns are open!



Thanks to collaborations with esteemed organizations like the Kansas City Urban League, Friendship Baptist Church, and the Kansas City Art Institute, our Freedom School has soared to unprecedented heights. 

These partnerships have played a pivotal role in making this year's Freedom School our most exceptional one to date.



By showcasing diverse representation in our readership, we empower scholars to envision their potential paths while bringing words to life during Harambee. 

Ready to be part of this transformative experience as a reader? Complete the form below and join us in shaping inspiring narratives!



Are you looking for a program to cultivate the love for reading in your child? Then look no further!

Secure a spot today for your child—act fast as spots are limited! Join us in fostering a lifelong love for reading.

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