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Are you ready to be part of a transformational journey where passion meets purpose,

where advocacy intertwines with celebration?


We are looking for bold leaders who are unapologetic in their approach to

improving the outcomes for kids being served by local charters.

Together we can write a narrative of change, impact, and unyielding progress.


If that sounds like you, apply today!



Are You Ready To Get in The Game?

In 2022, we basked in the glory of unity and purpose. Local charter schools, their leaders, and devoted board members united for a single mission - enhancing outcomes for the children they serve. The Charter School Board Draft brought diverse representation to over 5,000 children being served by twelve of Kansas Cities local charter schools.



The resonance of success still lingers; 100% of the board members placed are not just contributing but leading, influencing, and advocating. Some played pivotal roles, ensuring their charter schools remained open, the epitome of unwavering commitment.



At BLAQUE, we will never put you in a position to serve without

first building your capacity and developing you to make an impact.


Once you are a participant in the draft, we will provide you with

a foundation on the Kansas City educational landscape and

good governance through a series of sessions, they include:

History Heap & Data Dive

School Tours

Governance Retreat (Lied Lodge)


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