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Better For Kids,

Better 4 Community

Kansas City Public Schools is gearing up to close a number of local public schools… again! In 2010, superintendent John Convengton put forth a plan to “right-size” the district – with the promise to enhance academic quality, and free up resources allowing the district to offer a comprehensive learning experience that would result in our students reaching new heights. The plan garnered no real outcomes for student achievement. 


Nearly ten years later, they are at it again. The district has announced that even more schools are on the chopping block to be closed.


This time we are saying that WE WANT BETTER FOR KIDS, BETTER FOR COMMUNITY. 


if the recommended closures are accepted it could impact more than 3,500 kids being served by the district. 

School Closures
By Sub-District 

District 2: Faxon, Phillis, Whittier
District 3: James, Longfellow, Northeast

District 4: Central, Melcher

District 5: MLK, Troost

Marked with orange dots on the map.



School closures are about more than just vacant buildings, they are about displaced teachers and students, blighted neighborhoods, local entrepreneurs who will lose contracts due to these decisions, and so much more.  KCPS is closing schools without consulting with agencies to talk and we've been here before. 

We have created a confessional for you to share

  • How past closures impacted you, your family, or community.

  • How you feel as a student, teacher,  parent, taxpayer or community member.

  • How you think the profit from school closures should be spent. 

Or just stop by and tell us what's on your mind! 

Dates coming soon! 

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